Sunday, May 11, 2014

What's bakin'? Dad's favorite cookies

I've been making these whole wheat chocolate chip cookies for my dad for about forty years.  They're his favorites.  Since he's one "who doesn't need anything", over the years these cookies have made a great gift for Father's Day or his birthday.

We celebrated his 89th birthday today, so I made a fresh batch early this morning. The ingredients make a very nice variation to the traditional chocolate chip cookie.  Of course, there are plenty of chocolate bits, but also peanuts (3/4 cup) and sunflower seeds (1 cup).  This combination doesn't appeal to everyone.  My kids for example were never fans.  All the more for my dad! (And for me, as it makes a big enough batch that the baker can squirrel away a few for his own use...)

I first munched on these during my first year of teaching after graduate school.  My roommate, Peter McDermott, had a friend from college who came to visit every once in a while.  Peter would bring these cookies to us a brown paper grocery bag. I think he was into recycling, or at least reusing.  I got the recipe from him, and the rest has been history.

Here is the recipe and a few pictures taken today.

All taken with my iPhone 5S.