Sunday, December 15, 2013

Microwave grilled cheese sandwich

Our new above-the-range microwave is fantastic.  The same size (16" wide) as the 20 year old one it replaced, it boasts 1.7 cubic feet rather than 1.0.  Other than that it is all about the features: (1) microwave with lots of presets, (2) convection oven [has two racks and I've done muffins in metal muffin pans and cookies on steel cookie sheets], and (3) "speed cook".

This grill cheese sandwich was done with the speed cook feature. All you need to do to get the "oven" ready is remove the normal rotating glass dish and replace it with the included Teflon coated metal one.  Put the sandwich directly on the Teflon  dish.  Close the door.  Then, turn the dial and press at each sub-menu:  cook by food > sandwich > grilled sandwich > cheese > 1-2 sandwiches.

It takes 14 minutes to cook one or two sandwiches, by combining four cooking methods: microwave, convection oven, upper element and lower element. There's a black box in there somewhere that mixes the four cooking methods differently depending on the food selected.

Once I pushed the start button for this sandwich I sat down and worked on my computer until the bell went off.  You can't do that while grilling in a frying pan!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Marshmallow People

We visited Cataldo's nursery last weekend to get into the holiday spirit.  Free cider, cookies, music, etc.  And lots of Christmas ornaments hung from probably 50 Christmas trees.  One tree was dedicated to Marshmallow People.  Over recent years the manufacturer certainly has expanded this line of tree ornaments.  Here are a few I especially liked.