Monday, November 26, 2012

I miss Piegiving

This year for a few reasons we did not have Piegiving.  I love Piegiving.  It's like Thanksgiving but with pies, lots of pies.  In the past it has been held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  People come together with pies; they can be brand new fresh pies or left-over-from-Thanksgiving pies. 

After looking at pictures of last year's Piegiving feast (that's my plate below... and I may have gone back for more!) Laurie and I both agreed that we would take extraordinary efforts if needed to have a Piegiving Day next year.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Sandwiches at Calef's Country Store, Barrington, NH

Sunday while seeing Sander and Melissa's new condo (which is wonderful), we stopped at Calef's for some nice deli sandwiches.  This is a great 'ol country store with apple cider donuts, root beer on tap, a pickle barrel, their own Calef's brand honey and jelly, home made bread,  a nice assortment of sharp cheddar cheeses, and.... well, you get the idea. 

Here's their Web site with directions to their location in Barrington, NH.

And below are a couple of pictures I took.

My sandwich:  I can't remember what they called it,
but it was like a turkey dinner sandwich on Anadama bread. A few
Cape Cod style potato chips are in the background.