Saturday, July 31, 2010

A night cruising Boston Harbor

Wingate sponsored a Harbor Cruise Thursday, leaving the Seaport Wharf about 6:30 aboard the yacht Seaport Elite.  There were about 80 Wingaters and guests.  The group included employees who have direct client contact, a few clients, and mostly professional contacts (insurance specialists, accountants, lawyers, a daily money manager, etc.) with whom we cross-refer clients. 

Other than the terrible traffic mess Laurie and I encountered both driving into and out of Boston (route 93 was the culpret) and the fact that we couldn't find our car for about 20 minutes in the parking garage, it was a nice evening. 

Below are a few pictures. Laurie took the one with me on the left.  I have a total of 25 images here:

Monday, July 26, 2010

A nice day of fishing on Friday, up near Mt. Washington

I took a drive north into New Hampshire on Friday with my fishing buddies Paul, Steve and Jim.  As is our tradition, we stopped from breakfast on the way up.  Poor Boys is a new spot.  Breakfast was very good.  It's off exit 5 on route 93, in Londonderry, NH. 

The fishing was very good too, especially the Ammonoosuc where it runs alongside the access road to Mt. Washington's Cog Railway.  Most of the fish are small native brooktrout.  The one shown here is a bit bigger than average.  I think in four hours of fishing in this spot (before moving on to another river for a couple of more hours of fishing) we each caught over 50 trout.


Sorting out a few pictures from earlier this month, I came across this one from the Fruitlands summer outdoor concert series.  It is the Concord Band playing, and I don't know who the two brothers are.  I did miss an opportunity later when the older one picked up a stick and mimicked the conductor, but by then others were sitting up front too.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pistol shooting with Reed at Smith & Wesson

Reed and I made some time on Thursday to go pistol shooting.  In case you can't tell, I'm the one with the gray hair.  Reed has the black cap.  Caps, shatter proof glasses, and ear protection are all required accessories.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer concert at Fruitlands

On Wednesday nights during July the Concord Band performs outdoors at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard.  We bring folding chairs and a picnic dinner and have a fun 90 minutes, often meeting up with friends.  There is usually an audience of a few hundred, and to the left of the first picture below there is an open field away from the performers where kids run around playing.

Last night's performance was a salute to Broadway.  I snapped these images during the last couple of numbers, when the setting sky was at its peak.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crazy kayakers

I took a set of pictures during out vacation in Maine of a group of crazy kayakers at Blue Hill Falls.  I posted all of the images here, if you are interested.  While viewing the activity, we met "Jim" and his family from neighboring Brooklyn, Maine.  He's in one of the pictures on my Web site, holding his daughter.  His camera battery ran out as we spoke, so he asked me if I'd email him the pictures I took.  Below are a few for the blog, and the entire bunch is here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few more clouds and blue sky

I love blue sky and billowy (pillowy?) clouds.  So, when I drove over the Sudbury River on Sunday I couldn't help parking the car and walking back over to the middle of the bridge.  The kayaks added a "touch" too.  These were taken with my point 'n shoot camera, and were purposely underexposed a bit to keep the sky deep blue.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A beautiful day to get outside

Yes, it was a bit humid today.  But compared to last week's temps in the upper 90s, today's upper 80s  seemed rather comfortable. 

There was a threat of afternoon thunderstorms and the clouds looked like they might oblige, but we never saw any rain in our area. In fact, the sky was rather gorgeous today, and I hope that if you live in New England you had time to look up and see it.... when you were not looking at the daylilies that are in bloom everywhere.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A hike with Jaimie

I spent Friday with Jaimie.  We took a hike up Bald Mountain near Rumford, Maine.  It was oppressively hot and humid.  Even with a polarizing filter, you can see the haze over the distant mountains.

This is a small "mountain" (thankfully) with a 3 mile round trip. Here are a couple of pictures.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maine: Day 8 (last day)

On Saturday, we woke up early to see our last Maine sunrise for while (fun) and to pack the car (not so much). 

We said goodbye to new friends and bagged up 14 pounds of fresh mussels before beginning the 5 1/2 hour drive home. 

I recall a 65F air temperature when we left, and within 10 miles it was into the 80's!  We had a great time and are already talking about what to throw into the car the next time.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Maine: Day 7 (come back tomorrow for Day 8)

When I started this series of posts last week, I thought that I had pictures from seven days. I seem to have forgotten my high level math skills; since we started our vacation on a Saturday and ended on a Saturday, I have pictures from eight days.  Where's my HP 12C calculator when I need it!  So, there will be a Day 8 post coming up tomorrow!

Back to Day 7.  This was our last full day at HBC.  We decided to stay around Cape Rosier and check out the local sites. The photos below started at 5am with a sunrise shot of Captain Paul's lobster boat and ended at 6pm with a late afternoon shot of Captain Paul's boat.

Bakeman's Beach is a about one-mile from HBC and is a nice walk.  Later in the day, after the tide had come up over the warm rocks there were quite a few locals turning out for a dip.

Back-to-the-landers Scott and Helen Nearing moved from near Stratton Mountain, Vermont to Cape Rosier in 1952 and established Forest Farm.  Though both have passed away, the Good Life Center survives and is open during the summer for visiting. You can read more at

Four Season Farm is an organic farm that produces veggies year-round.  They have a nice farmstand, and according to their Web site they have received national recognition as a model of small-scale sustainable agriculture.

A quick visit to Buck's Harbor for a couple of groceries and a view of this barn/shed/boathouse at high tide.   (See also the low tide picture; we are told the tide rises and falls 12 feet.)

Back at HBC, just before dinner.